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Top Pet Names of 2019

How did your pup get his name? From Harry and Honey to Lily and Louis, we love each and every dog that brings a special twist to their name. Even though every dog is unique, many pups share the same names that we hear time and time again. These names are common sights on the yearly popular-puppy names lists, and 2019 is no different. Here’s Rover’s top dog names of 2019 for both male and female dogs.

Male Puppies

  1. Max. Meaning “greatest”, this name has held the top spot for some years. Even if not always #1, Max has remained one of the most popular international dog names for decades.
  2. Charlie. Short for Charles, this name is a fan favorite. While not every name suits every dog, Charlie perhaps has the most versatility to suit small pups and large dogs alike.
  3. Cooper. If your dog is big, burly, or loves the outdoors, he might be a Cooper. While not all Coopers are hunting dogs, we’d save this name for a more active pup.
  4. Buddy. This one doesn’t need much explanation. You might as well name your little buddy, Buddy.
  5. Jack. During the middle ages, Jack was such a common name it simply referred to a man or a boy. Even since then, Jack has remained popular among the dog-loving community, and you may have even had a Jack in your house at one point or another.

Female Puppies

  1. Bella. This name is popular because while it’s beautiful, it can have roots from Italian, Spanish, Greek, or French. So, whether it’s a Catalan Sheepdog or a French Bulldog, you’ll be nodding in the right direction to your pup’s roots.
  2. Luna. Meaning “moon”, this name is a fan favorite especially among dogs with moony blue eyes. While not every Luna is the same, Luna is sweet, simple, and beautiful name to give a dog.
  3. Lucy. We love Lucy! Because Lucy is more common among older generations, we recommend this dashing name to a dog that has calm energies that reveal she’ll be a dream senior dog.
  4. Daisy. Sweet, simple, and fresh, flower names for dogs rarely go wrong. If you’re not sold by Lilly, check out Rose, Tulip, or Petunia.
  5. Lola. Originating from Spanish and German, Lola is a name for a spunky and sassy pup that’s always ready for adventure.

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