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National Dog Show: Who’s in the running for Best in Show?


It’s almost time for one of our favorite events of the year: the National Dog Show! From Pulis and Pumis to freshly-groomed terriers, we simply can’t wait to see what this year’s show brings us. While many viewers have their favorite group to watch, nothing compares to the coveted “Best in Show” title.

Last year, the whippet won Best in Show for the 2018 National Dog Show. From its sleek coat to bright eyes, whippets are famous for their perky personalities and outstanding snuggling capacity. As the countdown continues to the National Dog Show, many speculate who will take the title this year out of the 193 breeds recognized as of 2019. Here are our top five picks for Best in Show contenders.

  1. The Wire Fox Terrier. A favorite in the dog show community, the wire fox terrier is well-known for its upbeat attitude and active lifestyle. These pups are especially good contenders because of their lean physique and strong muscle composition that sets them apart from many other terriers. The wire fox terrier brought home the Best in Show title in both 2011 and 2012, and we think it’s high time we see another one take the crown.
  2. The Labrador Retriever. While not a predicted contender for best in show, the Labrador Retriever has a history of success. A lab brought home the title in 2001 for best in show and has the ability to snag the crown again. As one of the most popular breeds in North America, labs are well-known for their playful, peaceful nature that often demonstrates them as the true “man’s best friend”. They’re also highly alert and love to exercise, which makes them a strong contender for the title in 2019.
  3. The Doberman Pinscher. Apart from being a ferocious-looking softie of a dog, the Doberman Pinscher has been on many predictive radars since one won Best in Show in 2003. Dobermans are commonly alert and admired for their characteristically light-footed step. Their distinct stature and muscular body make them a great breed to take the title once again.
  4. The Skye Terrier. These small, adorable, medium-energy dogs are a favorite in the dog show community. Skye terriers are especially famous due to their difficult-to-train personality, which makes them a harder breed to compete in dog shows. Nevertheless, a Skye terrier swept the show floor in 2015 to bring home Best in Show showing a bright future for this distinct breed.
  5. The Azawakh. The what? That’s right, the azawakh is a new breed that now has the ability to participate in shows as of 2019. While we haven’t seen this breed before, azawakhs have a distinct, shiny coat and a quick pace that makes them a strong breed among crowd favorites. These beautiful dogs are notoriously loyal to their owners and a bit aloof around strangers, but nevertheless are ready to take the National Dog Show by storm in the coming years.