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Ear Mite Treatment Kit for Cats

Ear Mite Treatment Kit for Cats

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Clean and protect with Miracle Care R-7M Ear Mite Treatment Kit for Cats. This kit includes Ear Mite Treatment and R-7 Ear Cleaner. This Pyrethrin-based liquid controls spinose ear ticks and ear mites. Help your pet get rid of the pesky parasites that can cause itching and inflammation in the ears.


  • Extremely Gentle Cleaner
  • Protects Cats From Biting Insects That May Get To Their Ears
  • Pyrethrin Based Liquid Controls Spinose Ear Ticks And Ear Mites
  • Kills Ear Mites & Ear Ticks In Cats
  • Easy-To-Use Application Droplet
  • Helps To Reduce Odor & Waxy Buildup

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