How To Use QuickFinder

What is QuickFinder®

Keeping up with trimming your pet’s nails is very important. Many of us who have clipped our pet’s nails have caused bleeding, due to cutting too close to the sensitive quick. The QuickFinder® uses a circuit-board precision to detect the blood vessels and nerve endings in the nail of your pet.  The QuickFinder® is a tool to use on all kinds and breeds of animals and is used at veterinarian offices, salons, and shelters to help prevent bleeding when they cut an animal’s nail.

How to Use QuickFinder®quickfinder

The QuickFinder® has a red, yellow, and green light indicating when it is okay to cut and when it is not safe.

  1. Start at the base of the nail, furthest from the tip, and slowly move toward the tip of the nail

o   The QuickFinder® needs to sense the quick first to know when it is no longer there

  1. Slowly move the QuickFinder® tool closer to the tip of the nail, the color will change to yellow and then green

o   When the light is green it is acceptable to cut the nail

  1. Once the light it green clamp down on the handle and trim the nail

This tool is easy to use and can be used on small or large pets such as, cats, dogs, birds, etc. The QuickFinder® Deluxe™ is for thicker, denser nails that gives a clean cut without any pulling or discomfort to your pet. If for some chance you happen to cut too close your pet’s nail and it starts bleeding, the Kwik® Stop styptic powder is your go-to solution. Hopefully you will not need the Kwik® Stop solution but if you do, this natural powder contains benzocaine which blocks pain and bleeding immediately. For more information about nail care, click here.