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History of excellence spanning over 40 years.

We improve the human-animal bond by offering a complete line of innovative, solutions-driven products and accessories for animals, both small and large.

It is our goal to provide pet parents with a wide variety of premium products for including health and beauty aids, grooming tools, remedies, first aid items, and supplements. Available for individual use or professional needs, including our convenient, easy-to-use kits.

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Trusted by pet parents and pet professionals for more than 45 Years.

Ear & Eye Care

Everyday ear and eye issues can be a pain. Ears can become dirty or smelly, which can be painful for dogs and cats. Tear stains from overactive tear ducts, can cause unsightly stains on your pets' fur.

First Aid

Accidents happen. Whether it's on a hike in the mountains or cutting your pet's nails in the kitchen, our first aid line is there when it's needed, so you and your pet can adventure without worry.

Grooming Tools

Our high-quality products, used by many professionals, are engineered to provide optimal results for your pet. Featuring innovative products such as our QuickFinder Electronic Safety Nail Clippers, Nail Shaper, and many more.

Dental Care

Take the drudgery out of cleaning pets' teeth. Our complete dental line contains pads, spray, and liquid you add right to your pet's water. Promote healthy gums, reduce plaque and freshen breath.

Nail Care

Nail care is important for keeping pets healthy. Short, smooth nails are a must. Our patented, easy-to-use products enable you to safely trim nails without the worry or hassle of going to a groomer.

Coat Care

Our all-natural skin and coat care products are specially formulated along with providing multiple different options of foaming waterless shampoo, spray-on lusterizers and even leave-in conditioners.

Kwik Stop

Be Prepared with Kwik Stop.

Available in Styptic Powder, Gel & Wipes

Accidents happen. Be prepared to stop bleeding quickly with our top selling assortment of Kwik Stop.  With the pain relieving power of Benzocaine, our Kwik Stop is specially formulated to heal and soothe.

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Miracle Care Grooming Tools. Trusted Precision.

Miracle Care stainless steel grooming shears ensure that grooming is enjoyable for your dog and you. Our shears feature an ergonomic design, high quality, ice tempered steel ideally suited for extended grooming.

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Grooming Tools You Need Right Meow.

Designed specifically for cool cats and kittens.

Ensure that grooming is enjoyable for your car and you. Our cat sized grooming tools feature ergonomic designs, high quality stainless steel, and soft rubber handles for a secure, comfortable grip.

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